Nara Shikamaru
22 June 2025 @ 10:42 am
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Nara Shikamaru
30 October 2014 @ 12:02 am
((backdated to October 29th, before the people accompanying Tyr leave))

Filtered to Rock Lee, Jim Kirk, and Ami Mizuno | Private )

[The voice that addresses the journal is crisp, albeit a little tired sounding. To those who know him, however, Shikamaru might actually sound like he's in surprisingly good spirits.]

I don't know how many of you have chosen to explore the world out there; think I might've missed a few who left already. If there's anyone in the village thinking about it, I encourage you to go. You'll have to watch out for Natural Shifts, but it's a great opportunity, and if you can help Romaeus while you're at it, that'd be ideal.

To anyone who'll be staying, however, I got a favor to ask. When we left our current time, I brought along some non-perishables that can be added to the food supplies available from hunting and the harvests. I'd like to gather some reliable volunteers to ration it between the village and those leaving to explore. Either hit me up on the journals, or come find me at House 12 if you're interested.

[Sorry to Masaomi and Hilda if anyone takes him up on that while you're around, the house is just easy okay. For him.]
Nara Shikamaru
26 September 2014 @ 08:50 pm
Sept. 22-25, in or around Flame Building )

[September 26]

[Today there is a small child (think about 4'4/130 cm) wandering around... well pretty much wherever this butterfly takes him across the village. The going is slower when that same butterfly turns into a caterpillar, at which point Shikamaru stops wherever he is no matter how inconvenient, focusing on something moving around in the grass, or standing right in your way.

Rarely when he does strike off on his own, he can be found wandering curiously around from building to building in the Square, his hands always cupped at chest level. You'd think the ghost-like people that seem to show up constantly would warrant surprise, but Shikamaru kinda ignores them. He's wrapped up in his own little world, and whatever's in his hands gets more attention.]

[September 27 - Voice]


What's a good spot where it's not raining? I have paper airplanes I want to test.

[September 28]

[The sunny weather sees him set off for the Battle Dome, though it takes several hours to get there. From 9 AM to noon he can be spotted at several points alongside the dirt road, lying with arms spread in the grass and watching the clouds. He looks very serious indeed.

Eventually he gets to his destination, and admires the Battle Dome's twelve rooms upon arrival. He thinks about securing one for himself, but eh... It could be way more interesting to check out what other people are doing. He might even crash anything that doesn't look like an intense battle scenario.

It was a fun week, overall. Which is cool, because the moment he steps out of the Dome, he'll be an adult again.]

((ooc: so for the time shift event, this is a aged-down scenario with a twist! cliff notes are here, and replies will come from [personal profile] middlegames!))
Nara Shikamaru
27 March 2014 @ 05:00 pm
[With Naruto MIA (and if he's being experimented on, he hopes his pal fries the Rogues good in the process), Shikamaru can't afford to cut out at the convenience store, much as he wants to. He takes the morning shift, debating whether he should look into hiring more people again, before finding his journal returned to him halfway in.

Yeah, returned. Don't ask. got eaten, okay. Don't ask.

Later in the day, when he's off, he decides to mark the occasion.]


Congratulations, Luceti. As of today, it's been a year since TERRACE, and so a year since this village's seen a draft. They've been happening less and less frequently, but that's a record even for us. [Which is a good thing, if you can't tell from how pleased he sounds.]

Speaking about misconceptions... Let's play a game. Pretend I'm a New Feather here, freshly arrived and working on the half-naked problem. A couple dozen people have explained the thing about the wings, don't worry, but I still have no idea how I got here, or where 'here' is.

How do you explain the situation? What's the first thing you tell me about the world, or the Malnosso? If you don't feel comfortable saying it on the journals, you can find me at the playground if you want to say it in person. Any of you who've been here for less than two years, I'd be interested in your response especially.


[True to his word, Shikamaru will be at the playground all afternoon, hogging the roundabout while school's still in session and begrudgingly giving it up when the kids are out for a spot in the sand. He'll have his journal and a separate notepad with him, scribbling in both.

When the sun goes down, he'll hang out for a little while longer for latecomers before calling it a day and going to the bar. He has no intention of getting sloshed, but he'll stick around long enough to have some fun and knock back more than a few.]
Nara Shikamaru
07 February 2014 @ 07:04 pm
((Backdated to February 4th))

[It's been a long time since Shikamaru's failed a mission. All right. Failure might be too strong a word for this one. He can actually laugh at that. This isn't like when he was twelve. It's a personal embarrassment, not something that's going to keep him up at night, sick to his stomach.

A failure is a failure though, and that makes it a pain in the ass. He'd apologized to the MSF personnel profusely, and requested to be put on a different mission to make up for the screw-up. They'd looked nonplussed about the whole thing and stuck him back in Luceti, but eh. Shikamaru decides to keep his journal close to him anyways, in case they take him up on that. It's for this reason he doesn't go out to do any of the things he probably should. He passes the time by flipping through the journal instead, and thinking over the last mission.]


When I first came to this village, I remember going out. Left or right, it seemed anywhere I looked someone was using that so-called "filial magic". ...Haaa. [He scratches his head, and there's a smirk in his voice.] That's an exaggeration, but you get it. That was years ago, though. It seemed like it was becoming less common until that incident last year, when everyone got possessed.

Anyone learning anything from those guys now? Seems like the kind of thing that would spark interest, especially with one extra spirit hanging around.
Nara Shikamaru
30 September 2013 @ 03:29 pm
[It's an antsy day, in an antsy week. Every time he gets back from a mission, lately, it feels like that. He's had a project in the mountains the last several days, and with the news from CJ last night, Shikamaru can think of a lot of other things he'd rather be doing. But with Korra on a mission, he'd feel bad for ducking out of work. At least he wasn't here for the experiment, or worse: his birthday.

So he can be found at the convenience store until late afternoon, messing around with a digital camera. He got it last December as a Christmas present from Precis, but he actually hasn't practiced with it any until now. Sorry if you are SUDDENLY BLINDED by the flash feature he didn't know was there, he didn't mean it.

Unless you're Naruto or Masaomi. If you're Naruto or Masaomi, he's doing it on purpose because he's an ass and this is what true friendship is built on.

Later in the day, before work gets out, he'll crack open his journal to make a post. He's been thinking about this for the last week, reading up and practicing how to make asphalt. It's not as difficult as he would've though, and he thinks he has it down now.]


Hey, Luceti. It's kind of late in the year for it, but the weather's been dry enough... So let's pave the roads. Anyone up for it?

[This might be ill-timed what with recent news, but hey. It doesn't hurt to gauge interest. There are a lot of other things he needs to take care of today, however, so he starts setting up some filters too.]

[Filtered to Cilan | Private] )

[Filtered to Makie | Private] )

[Filtered to Gai Tsutsugami | Private] )

[Filtered to Haruno Sakura | Private] )

(ooc: if enough people are interested in the road project, I'll make an ooc post organizing things for it after the House of M plot is done. right now this is testing the waters. 8|a)
Nara Shikamaru
15 July 2013 @ 08:45 pm

[The feed kicks on to a counter in the convenience store, height adjusting a split second after as if the person holding the journal realized he needs to hold it higher if anyone is going to see what's on the counter.

Correction made, the journal reveals a SLURPEE MACHINE, clean and ready to go with cups stacked to the side. The labels of the four flavors it offers are clearly displayed, from left to right: Mountain Dew, Blue Raspberry, Orange, and Dr. Pepper.

After holding it there for a good thirty seconds, Shikamaru turns his journal back to himself, straight-faced as he checks to make sure he got all the important bits shown. When it's confirmed, he focuses back on the feed itself with a grin.]

You're welcome.

[/end video]

Action for the convenience store, and later the bar )
Nara Shikamaru
09 June 2013 @ 07:46 pm
Setup )

[Since it's hard telling over the journals how much things settled in the village, so on June 9th he makes his way back on his very best behavior. Best. Maybe. PROVOKE HIM AND FIND OUT. He's still possessed by the start of the day, but in general, Shikamaru can be found attempting to mind himself while doing any of the following:

1. Observing people from high up places and making weirdly realistic shadow puppets to pass the time
2. Exploring the new parts of the tunnels
3. Searching out anyone he might have been an ass to, because he should make up for that 8|

One way or another he's back to normal by the end of the day, so people might find him in CH1 too after the fact.]
Nara Shikamaru
07 April 2013 @ 02:52 pm
[A ninja walks into the bar.

Okay, that's getting ahead of the story. Let's backtrack then. Not too far. Everything he's been through in the past two weeks doesn't need to be said. At least, this isn't the place for it. What's important to mention is that on March 27, Nara Shikamaru left Luceti, gone back to home and to war. He returned on the same day and got thrown into another, and coming back to day-to-day life in this village after has felt almost unreal.

It's been nearly two weeks, but it wasn't until today that any of it definitively sunk in. All of the deaths. Everything they've lost - that he's lost. That the fighting is over, even if the war isn't.

You wouldn't think moving on with your life would be the scariest thing about that.]


Yo. [The greeting comes after he's gotten a grip on himself, so lackadaisical you wouldn't know the difference.] Some of you might've noticed that old pizza place was being remodeled. It's taking longer than I thought, but I've been working on turning it into a convenience store since November. It can probably open soon.

I'm gonna stock it with the basics. Milk, bread... staples like that for when no one wants to walk all the way to the grocery. So what snacks and drinks do you guys want? I'm not going to the trouble of getting things it turns out no one likes. That way, they'll just sit on the shelf to collect grease and dust. That's gross.

[He waves lazily, like he gave up on the motion halfway through, and reaches over to switch the feed.] Lemme know.

[Filtered to Trafalgar Law || Unhackable] )

Several hours later, a ninja walks into a bar. )

Next Day Action for CH1 )
Nara Shikamaru
10 January 2013 @ 05:13 am
[Today is an understated awesome day, ladies and gentleman. To everyone? Okay, maybe not. But Shikamaru sure is pleased as punch. After a month's stay in the Battle Dome clinic recoveries from the injuries he got in his fight with Hidan, Shikamaru's finally cleared to check out today.

Before he gets the all-clear, he can be found in - brace yourselves - one of the Dome's simulation rooms. He's actually been using them for the past week for his physical therapy. If he's going to be doing a lot of walking, might as well change up the scenery.

Namely, he's replicated parts of the Nara Clan's forest. At its opening, the sky is more open, but the further in you go the thicker the trees grow together. Wandering will reveal easter eggs - old statues, broken and ruined, or a path of moss-covered stone lanterns. Maybe a young deer if you're lucky.

Other parts of the forest seem to be swallowed by shadow completely, offering nothing but pitch black that no amount of light will ease and the sense you're being watched if you step into them.

He'll try and clear up some stuff with Law before he goes, but after that he hits the journal.]


For those of you who saw that Vaskoth place... I figure it's been long enough. Name something you liked about it, if you can recall.

[Filtered to Molly (NPC) || 100% Unhackable] )

[Feels like forever since he's been back in the swing of things. Shikamaru can be found at CH1 of course, in or around his apartment. Throughout the days following, he'll also be at the place formerly known as Azzip's, getting back to turning it into a convenience store.]
Nara Shikamaru
22 November 2012 @ 08:44 pm
[Shikamaru's a hard man to find after this (on-going) thread.

He doesn't return to his apartment until the next morning, through the spare bedroom and not the front door. It's doubtful anyone else will catch him outside of his own floor for the next several days, though he always has his journal on him.

Those days are also partially spent tracking down Tony Stark, Law, Itachi, Gold, Silver, and a few others in his building to warn them about Hidan. Masaomi will no doubt hear from him when he gets back, and Riku may have learned what he needs to know from Ino before Shikamaru gets to him, but they're both on the list. He'll also be visiting the Avatar house for a few people in particular, but given that's half the house he won't be shunning anyone else he runs into there.]
Nara Shikamaru
13 November 2012 @ 05:44 pm
[The afternoon finds Shikamaru bundled up against the cold and out and about in parts of the village he won't normally be in. Wandering, it might look like; he drifts in and out of high-traffic areas like the bar and the item shop to places less visited. The coffee shop he'll be at for sure, and his final stop will be the building that was once Azzip's Pizza.

This will do.]


[Later in the afternoon, with dark still far off, the journal feed will click on to see Shikamaru surrounded by various colorful boxes among other things. He folds his hands over a table.]

It's come to my attention over the last few months that some of you have never heard of boardgames, or have otherwise never played. As a reasonable guy, I can let a lot of things go, but that... just seems sad.

[He shakes his head here. With woe, even. And then he gestures to the board games from various worlds strewn in the background. Close inspection will find a shogi set, a chess board, Go, Pai Sho, Plateau, Candy Land, Mouse Trap, Jumanji and so on. You can pretty much make up any family-friendly board game you want here and he will have it somehow. Go for it, actually. He hasn't played all of them.]

I'm here to tell you why they're awesome. [...] And possibly to petition for a partner. It's troublesome, but you'd be surprised how hard that is to accomplish here...

Katara. [Hint, hint.] Kotomi-chan. [Who he can't tease as well, so he'd best clarify:] If you're still up for that.

[He shakes himself with a grin, saluting at the journal with his left hand. He picks up the nearest game.] Anyways, let's get started. It goes like this...

[And from here he'll be giving the abridged rules of the games he knows to start. Feel free to interrupt him, or call him out on any games he skips.]

[/end Voice]

[Action || Locked to Konan] )
Nara Shikamaru
04 October 2012 @ 07:38 pm
Hi. [The journal feed starts unceremoniously.] Noticed the village is getting back into the swing of things. Either that or those who are sulking are doing so more quietly. Good luck with that, whichever.

But hey. I'm looking for a lighter that I misplaced. Anyone comes across it, lemme know. Thanks.

[/end voice]

[Through the afternoon and evening, Shikamaru can be found in various places around the village: digging through things in shops, searching through grass and shrubs and so on. He hasn't been around the village much in the last two days, busy elsewhere with his deer.

Now it almost seems like he's making up for it. One minute you might walk past him digging through the trash behind a building, only to go in to find he's inside already (probably asking if the place has a lost and found). Someone's busy.]
Nara Shikamaru
[It's been two days now, since the mission at that hospital. It feels awkward coming to the journal like this... he didn't even know Precis all that well, outside of two missions. But reviewing journal conversations, it didn't seem as if she knew anyone well on the last one either. A village-wide announcement seems callous.

In the end, he winds up crafting a wide filter, based off of her journal responses and the two mission experiences he's aware of. Tl;dr: if you've ever had a public thread with Precis, or went on a mission with her, you're good to be included in the filter.]

[Filtered to Associates of Precis F. Neumann || Unhackable]

On the fourth of September, Precis Neumann died participating in a mission outside the enclosure. No doubt she saved countless lives, but...


If you knew her, I offer my condolences for your loss.

[/end filter]

[For the rest of the day, Shikamaru will be in the forest surrounding CH1. Looking back over the journals revealed something else too. You'd think with the way he memorizes things it'd have hit him sooner, but he was never so good with dates.]

Two years... Tch. How troublesome.

[He'll be out here, training primarily with his shadow, but watching clouds too. Not for too long. Within the hour, he's cracking out another filter on the journal.]

[Filtered to Uzumaki Naruto || Unhackable] )
Nara Shikamaru
19 August 2012 @ 03:09 pm

If I see another mountain again, it'll be too soon. Did any of you know that sirry means "ridiculous"? [He snorts.] Explains a lot. Avalanches. Yetis. More freaking snow. Man, that mission was a pain...

[/whine and complain]

Anyways. I'm back. [Technically has been for two days albeit not in town, so he'll make it official.] Anything interesting hap- [His disinterested tone gives way to irritation as he turns his attention to something off-screen.] Oi that's not for you-

[The journal snaps shut with a sigh. He never finishes speaking, but about an hour later the post is transcribed... minus the interruption, and now with complete sentences.

If you're out today now that the heavy rain of the few days is finally letting up, you might spot Shikamaru coming back into the village from the North... closely followed by a deer much larger than Luceti's usual fare ((think five feet at the shoulders, six at the head, and eight feet with antlers)). The stag seems pretty content to follow him around - even into town or just standing around when he sits - despite sticking to the tree-lined paths when he can. Shikamaru talks to him sometimes.

Yes, talks, shut up.]
Nara Shikamaru
02 July 2012 @ 07:17 pm
Action for Kurenai, Ino, and Hinata and Kiba )

[It's well past midnight before an announcement comes, after he's made this post and spent a few hours going over the discussions there. When people are either busy with the information he gave them, or asleep.

He smokes a cigarette on his way back to his apartment in the night air, putting it out before he steps into the building, his posture falsely relaxed until he steps into his own room.]

Sarutobi Asuma is gone. [There's a pause and- no, he doesn't think it was mentioned.] Also, Haruno Sakura returned to her world a few weeks ago, for anyone who knew her.

Funnily enough, I haven't seen that masked Akatsuki guy in a while either...

[Too many people to filter that too. It's vague enough, but anyone who needs to know should get what he means. It would have been better news if he'd known before.

He'll answer journal comments in the morning.]
Nara Shikamaru
31 May 2012 @ 05:40 pm
Prelude )

May 27 - June 1

[For these four days of the experiment, around the village there is a toaster ~magic lamp~ waiting to be found. In that tree! On that bench! On top of that fountain! How did it get in all these weird places? NO IDEA. But pick it up, and BAM. SMOKE PELLETS, and you suddenly have your very own genie (barefoot, with an outfit something like this). Careful what you wish for.]

Can we make this quick?

[[ ooc: So Shikamaru's fairy-taled into a genie again! You get three (3) wishes, and he will be 'granting' them as literally as possible.

As per the guidelines of the old fairy-tale event: nothing wished for is actually real. It will look like it is! But your character is either interacting with something imaginary or a mundane object: like thinking they picked up a magic lamp when it's really a toaster. Wish to be a sorcerer? While effected it's like COOL YOU HAVE MAGIC POWERS. Only not really, you were just pointing at things.

TL;DR: it's one giant game of pretend. Have fun. 8|b ]]
Nara Shikamaru
22 April 2012 @ 06:04 pm
[Earlier, when looking through his father’s book for the first time in several months, Shikamaru found some pictures he’d never seen before being used as bookmarks. It was… nostalgic, to say the least.

He finds another bookmark to replace them; puts the photos in a drawer to look at later. Because haha, he knows how this works, right? He leaves them out, and somehow his journal accidentally records it. Yeah. Hell no. He’s smarter than that and doesn’t leave his journal anywhere near them. On top of that, he takes it with him when he leaves to assist with a chakra training lesson. Crisis averted!

Guess what he sees when he opens up his journal two hours later.

Cut for image )

Where’s the nearest wall. He needs to beat his head softly against it while he attempts to figure out how this happened. Feel free to action it up when he’s back at CH1 too, if you like.]

[ooc: original artwork from here]
Nara Shikamaru
14 March 2012 @ 02:47 pm
Filtered to Konoha Shinobi and Temari || 100% Unhackable )

[And thus starts off the long to-do-list of Shikamaru's day. The filter goes up in the morning, giving - hopefully - everyone time to see it.

He's decided he needs to talk to Naruto before then. On his way out the building he'll stop by his apartment, or send another filter off to him if he's not around. With everything going on he would be surprised. After he's tracked him down, it's off to the other side of the village to find Tony Stark at his casa, to hand over a project he's been working on for the last several nights. Playing delivery boy again, ugh. No notice this time, though. He's acting like a functional human being again, but he's not up for the sarcastic banter. Once he's done there, it's over to the school to find Katara in the thirty minute window he has after classes let out. Apologies are an order.

Specific things attended to... wow, without Masaomi around this week, he has a lot of time on his hands, huh. Well okay. He goes off to the forest with a bag of coconuts of all things and lines them up at head level when he finds a good spot to sit them for tanto practice - or more precisely: strength training. He's never used his short sword much. The one time he did, he wasn't strong enough with it to do as he intended, so he should work on that now.

And okay, surely by then the sun will be going down... or okay, nope. With a few hours to kill, somehow he winds up at the Seventh Heaven restaurant. In part because he figures it could be a good place to drop off some of the coconuts, and also because he realizes on the way over he hasn't actually eaten yet. Or done much of anything this past week, besides getting Asuma up to speed about Luceti, or working on various projects.

Sooo. Might be nodding off there at the restaurant. Might be napping after he eats, if he doesn't get kicked out for it. SITTING DOWN WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Fine, he'll pose a random pointless question to the masses, maybe that'll keep him occupied.]


Wonder why they call this place Luceti. Seems like a dumb name. Does it even mean anything? 
Nara Shikamaru
12 November 2011 @ 04:25 pm
[Today when Shikamaru woke up to his morning routine of journal stalking, there was a mission notice waiting for him. Fantastic. But you reap what you sow with these things...

Shikamaru spends the next few hours going over everything he thinks he'll need for this mission before heading out of his apartment. Most of his plans for the week are on hold (again) but there's still a few things he wanted to take care of; people to see.

In particular, he'll seek out Ino and Naruto, stopping to talk to most of his friends from home too, if he sees them. Give them a heads up on where he's at for the next week or so. After that he'll head into the square in the mid-afternoon in search of one Albert Silverberg. Masaomi is next, though Shikamaru will actually bother hailing him over the journals if he doesn't see him. Same for Sokka, if he can't find him at the smithy or the Avatar House.

Even if he isn't seeking anyone else out, he'll still stop to speak to people he knows if he runs into them today. Especially if they came along into the tunnels during that last experiment. Curiosity, mainly - he wants to know if anyone's doing better now.

Feel free to catch him anywhere in town this afternoon. Until he finds Albert, he'll be the guy carting around a shogi board under one arm.]