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035 -- [action | voice]

[It's an antsy day, in an antsy week. Every time he gets back from a mission, lately, it feels like that. He's had a project in the mountains the last several days, and with the news from CJ last night, Shikamaru can think of a lot of other things he'd rather be doing. But with Korra on a mission, he'd feel bad for ducking out of work. At least he wasn't here for the experiment, or worse: his birthday.

So he can be found at the convenience store until late afternoon, messing around with a digital camera. He got it last December as a Christmas present from Precis, but he actually hasn't practiced with it any until now. Sorry if you are SUDDENLY BLINDED by the flash feature he didn't know was there, he didn't mean it.

Unless you're Naruto or Masaomi. If you're Naruto or Masaomi, he's doing it on purpose because he's an ass and this is what true friendship is built on.

Later in the day, before work gets out, he'll crack open his journal to make a post. He's been thinking about this for the last week, reading up and practicing how to make asphalt. It's not as difficult as he would've though, and he thinks he has it down now.]


Hey, Luceti. It's kind of late in the year for it, but the weather's been dry enough... So let's pave the roads. Anyone up for it?

[This might be ill-timed what with recent news, but hey. It doesn't hurt to gauge interest. There are a lot of other things he needs to take care of today, however, so he starts setting up some filters too.]

[Filtered to Cilan | Private]

Yo, Cilan. I got a job proposition for you.

[Filtered to Makie | Private]

...where the hell do you even live. I was gonna go visit you, but I forgot how much walking that takes when you don't know where you're going.

[Filtered to Gai Tsutsugami | Private]

[Flat, but not caustic.] It been enough time for you?

[Filtered to Haruno Sakura | Private]

[A string of scattered dots shows up in the filter before any words do, tappings of a pen. The message itself, when it shows up is anonymous. The handwriting is disguised and the picture in the journal window covered up to hide the identity of the writer. Inserted are a series of numbers: coordinates Sakura could figure out in her sleep.]

Come to the following coordinates at 1900 hours. Uzumaki Naruto is going to test the barrier, and he may need medical assistance afterwards.

(ooc: if enough people are interested in the road project, I'll make an ooc post organizing things for it after the House of M plot is done. right now this is testing the waters. 8|a)
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[Someone is in the aisles of the store in the evening, scoping out the place because she's been thinking too much about Serious Business and she just wants some time to herself and... NOT thinking of it.

AAAAND what's better than some candy bars? One is already peeled open and a large chunk has been bitten out of it. Her cheeks are full and she pauses mid-chew to turn and see what that bright light was about.]
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[She can hear that snickering and tilts her head, swallowing her mouthful before joining him at the counter and dumping like... ten candy bars there and some other stuff. Naruto probably wants some ok. And candy is good for rewards for doing chores and stuff.]

Hey, Shikamaru. [Wait. She shows him her opened candy bar too a sizable chunk DEFINITELY missing OOPS but he already knows because he has the evidence in his camera.]

I got sort of hungry, sorry.
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[Yeah but eating it out in the open was sort of impolite. She realizes this belatedly. Might be some crumbs in the aisle for him to sweep because of it.

She doesn't toss it in and looks at it with an awkward smile.]
Uh, I'll hold onto it, thanks.

[And take another bite, nomnom]

So you just hang out to help people bag their candy bars? And --

[Yoink. Taking that camera while he's busy holding her bag.] Take pictures?
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Re: actionnnn

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[What the heck is he doing taking pictures of her? SHIKAMARU.

She blushes and presses a bunch of buttons to try and delete it. Beep beep beep. ALL THE BUTTONS. She tries to do it quickly and ninja-like but things are not working out well for her.

She's probably changing all his settings to some weird stuff. Also, she's getting more irritated the longer the picture stays on the screen.]

If you wanted a picture you could have asked, ya know! [BEEP BEEP.]
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I won't!

[Hopefully. Okay, well, since she doesn't know how to delete she'll take a new one.

Of Shikamaru reaching for his camera and dat face. FLASH.]
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[What the hell. That was really bright, no wonder she saw it out of the corner of her eye before. HARD TO MISS.

It's like taking a picture for her genin registration all over again.

Probably a lot worse having it right in your face though. If she knew he was doing it to Naruto, she would't feel as bad.]

I was taking a picture of you too, ya know!

[And now it's showing up on the screen.

Pft. Okay, they're even. Now she's the one laughing a bit and holding it out for him to see.]
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[Would that really help with the bright as the sun flash the camera gives? She looks skeptical but steps back a bit and then holds the camera up again.]

Alright. What about this?


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[Should have thought of that before he got a picture of Kushina stuffing her cheeks with candy bar.]

Where do you get one of these?

[It would be nice to have something to capture moments with Minato and Naruto and their other friends.]
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[Turns away to take a picture of the convenience store or something lalala]

I guess I could just check the store and see if they have it. They have everything, it seems like. Even the clothes store had everything I needed to get for Naruto and Minato.

Who gave it to you?
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[She stops taking pictures and lowers the camera slowly. Usually she tries not to think about that happening to anyone she knows, the people she's met here and care about.

But it's happened. The only way to look at it past that is--]

She could come back.

Then I can ask her where she got it since you can't tell me. [But she would bet it's at the store and she's probably going to look for it there.]
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[SHE'S NOT DONE WITH IT. But since it's his she'll hesitate before finally releasing it.]

What's her name?
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What kinds of important things did you do with Precis? You didn't go around taking pictures of unsuspecting peers, did you?
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[Her smile falters a little at the mention of missions.]

Something good, I hope.


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