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037 -- [Voice | Action]

[With Naruto MIA (and if he's being experimented on, he hopes his pal fries the Rogues good in the process), Shikamaru can't afford to cut out at the convenience store, much as he wants to. He takes the morning shift, debating whether he should look into hiring more people again, before finding his journal returned to him halfway in.

Yeah, returned. Don't ask. ...it got eaten, okay. Don't ask.

Later in the day, when he's off, he decides to mark the occasion.]


Congratulations, Luceti. As of today, it's been a year since TERRACE, and so a year since this village's seen a draft. They've been happening less and less frequently, but that's a record even for us. [Which is a good thing, if you can't tell from how pleased he sounds.]

Speaking about misconceptions... Let's play a game. Pretend I'm a New Feather here, freshly arrived and working on the half-naked problem. A couple dozen people have explained the thing about the wings, don't worry, but I still have no idea how I got here, or where 'here' is.

How do you explain the situation? What's the first thing you tell me about the world, or the Malnosso? If you don't feel comfortable saying it on the journals, you can find me at the playground if you want to say it in person. Any of you who've been here for less than two years, I'd be interested in your response especially.


[True to his word, Shikamaru will be at the playground all afternoon, hogging the roundabout while school's still in session and begrudgingly giving it up when the kids are out for a spot in the sand. He'll have his journal and a separate notepad with him, scribbling in both.

When the sun goes down, he'll hang out for a little while longer for latecomers before calling it a day and going to the bar. He has no intention of getting sloshed, but he'll stick around long enough to have some fun and knock back more than a few.]
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[a chance to blabber? on it]

This is a weird game but I'll play it with you.


I would start with the basics like what this place is called, how the world brings you here and can send you back just as suddenly and without warning. That food is free and so are your clothes and they can be found at a shop, if you want them. There's a shop for weapons, items, and a convenience store. I'd tell them where they were. Housing is free too. There's not much you really have to pay for here, except that maybe the payment are the experiments the Malnosso cause. Malnosso are these people that use Shifts to make strange things happen to us in the barrier. The experiments. They want you to go on missions for them to fight in a war, outside the barrier. We can't get past it on our own but with the Malnosso help we can. The barrier surrounds this place and keeps us from escaping and from the Third Party from getting in. They're the ones that don't like people like you and me, people brought from different worlds and different times. They're fighting in the war, too.

I don't know how the Malnosso feels about us.

And then... I'd say there's some good about this place too. It's not all experiments and fighting in a war. The Battle Dome is a nice place to train. There's kind people here too... friends you can make that you wouldn't have the chance to if you weren't brought here. There's interesting things in the shop and the lake is really beautiful.

Plus, with all these people, you always have someone to play a prank on.
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[mother knows best]

No problem, ya know? I'm glad it was good enough. [she likes talking and all NO NEED TO THANK]

What is this for?
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So it's not a game.
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You can still try. You should have just kept pretending it was a game.
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[as per Uzumaki fashion, she totally gets into it too]

Let's go to the lightning round, ya know!
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voice 1/??

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They're connected to our health and pulling feathers out really hurts and makes you puke. [it happened to Iruka] Having them means we're not from this world too, I think. So the Third Party knows who to pick out. We stick out. We can't fly with them like the birds can to get away but sometimes an experiment can make them grow so you can fly. Everybody has different colored ones. And, um--
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[long pause]

-- I'm bad at tests.
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[she knows she's probably wrong but he doesn't have to laugh RUDE. she considers quitting before she makes an even bigger idiot of herself

but Uzumaki Kushina is no quitter

There is a long moment of shocked silence that she actually got by on that (who the hell is judging this) and forgets he was laughing and her embarrassment.]



jeopardy music plays]
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Hey! Was there always a time limit?!
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